Department of Operations Management

Per Vest
External Lecturer

Presentation and academic fields

I have more than 30 years working in the financial sector with business development, defining/scooping IT-solutions and implementation of IT- solutions that support the defined business development. Focus has been and is on solutions related to internal and external financial reporting in the Scandinavian countries.

Key competencies are:

  • business development in existing or new business areas
  • stakeholder management
  • implementation of solutions in existing and/or new organizations
  • organizing corporation with participants with different cultural background
  • seminar/course planning, development and course executing
Professional and/or academic experience

Teaching at CBS from 1994 in courses related to Managerial Economics.

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

When starting teaching at CBS a mandatory pedagogical introduction courses was completed. The pedagogical experience and skills is highly developed through ‘on the job’ experience by teaching activities at CBS and through instructor on seminar/teaching activities in the financial sector.