Department of Operations Management

Kristian Kjærgaard
External Lecturer

Presentation and academic fields

Kristian has worked with data, data management, and operations management for over 20 years. He manages a small team providing property-related data to all citizens and the housing sector. Lastly, Kristian knows many technologies and has extensive coding experience with several programming languages.

Professional and/or academic experience

He has been studying microeconomics, managerial economics, experimental economics, and auction theory for quite some time now. These fields of study are very interesting and provide valuable insights into how businesses operate, how markets function, and how prices are determined. Microeconomics deals with individual consumers and producers, while managerial economics focuses on how managers can make better decisions to maximize profits. Experimental economics allows us to test economic theories in controlled environments, while auction theory helps us understand how auctions work and how bidders behave. Overall, he finds these subjects to be fascinating and applicable to many real-world situations.

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

He has over ten years of experience teaching at the Army Instructors School and CBS Instruction Course. He has held more than 500 oral exams during his tenure.

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