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PhD fellow

Room: SOL/D3.35
E-mail: swi.marktg@cbs.dk

Serena Wider is a Research Fellow at Copenhagen Business School. Previously to joining CBS Serena has worked as a research assistant at Oxford Brookes University. Serena’s research focuses on the challenges and implications of brand co-creation in multiple stakeholder ecosystems, where she analyses the processes involved in and the interplay between (co)-creating brand identity, brand value and brand meaning. Serena is also interested in how digital technologies such as the development of social media is influencing how stakeholder groups interact amongst each other and with brands. 

At CBS, Serena is part of the Brand Meaning Research Cluster and the Social Media Research Cluster. At Oxford Brookes University, Serena is a member of the Brand Strategy Research Group. Serena is also an Honorary Member of the Branded Content Marketing Association in London, UK.

Primary research areas
  • Brand co-creation
  • Brands as complex social phenomena
  • Brand Communications
  • Branding in social media
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Selected publications

Asmussen, B., Wider, S., Williams, R., Canter, A. (2015) ‘‘Defining Branded Content for the Digital Age’: The experts’ views from phase two of the BCMA’s research project’ The Best of Branded Content Marketing, 11th Edition, pp. 31-37, Branded Content Marketing Association: London.

Asmussen, B., Wider, S., Williams, R., Canter, A., Steveson, N., Whitehead, E., (2016) ‘Defining Branded Content for the Digital Age: An Exploration of Marketing Communication Experts' Key Conceptualisations’. 45th EMAC European Marketing Academy, Oslo, Norway, May.

Publications sorted by:
Serena Wider; Sylvia von Wallpach; Hans Mühlbacher / Brand Management : Unveiling the Delusion of Control.
In: European Management Journal, Vol. 36, No. 3, 6.2018, p. 301-305
Journal article > peer review
Serena Wider; Stefan Markovic; Sylvia von Wallpach / Brand Value Co-destruction in Collective Digital Discourse : A Case Study.
Abstract from 13th Global Brand Conference 2018, 2018
Conference abstract for conference > peer review
Serena Wider; Andrea Lucarelli; Sylvia von Wallpach / Mediation as a Multi-dimensional Process of Brand-related Interaction
Abstract from 49th Annual Conference of the Association for Consumer Research. ACR 2018, 2018
Conference abstract for conference > peer review
Bjørn Asmussen; Serena Wider; Ross Williams; Neil Stevenson; Elliot Whitehead / Defining Branded Content for the Digital Age : The Industry Experts’ Views on Branded Content as a New Marketing Communications Concept.
London : Branded Content Marketing Association 2016, 40 p.
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