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Department of Marketing

Associate professor

Room: SOL/C3.26

Erik Braun is Associate Professor of Marketing and Tourism at the Department of Marketing and joined Copenhagen Business School in 2019. Erik holds a M.Sc. in Economics & Business (with distinction) and a Ph.D. in City Marketing from Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he held several positions before joining Copenhagen Business School. He is a visiting scholar to his alma mater, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Place marketing, place branding, destination branding and tourism management are broadly his areas of research. In his tourism research the focus is on using big data to better understand tourism behaviour (revealed preferences), tourist’s perceptions, insight in evolving demand and more effective tourism management (e.g. manage over-tourism) and understanding tourist behaviour, including social and psychological effects and attitudes in extraordinarily (crisis) situations. In his research on place marketing and place branding, he prioritizes the effectiveness of place branding strategies, the interplay between private and public sector stakeholders in managing and communicating place brands in an increasingly competitive and digital market place, and investigating the (potential) added value of place branding in a different setting such as retailing areas. Erik’s work has been published in books, book chapters and in peer-reviewed journals, including top-tier journals such as Tourism Management, Public Administration Review and Urban Studies.


Primary research areas
  • Tourism Management (including over-tourism)
  • Understanding tourist behavior (including crisis situations)
  • Place marketing
  • Place branding (including destination branding)
  • Interplay between public and private stakeholders in (place) branding
  • (Place) Brand complexity
  • Marketing and branding retailing areas and real estate
  • Quantitative methods (including structural equation modeling)


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Selected publications

Zenker, S., von Wallpach, S., Braun, E., & Vallaster, C. (2019): How the refugee crisis impacts the decision structure of tourists: A cross-country scenario study. Tourism Management, 71(April): 197-212.

Braun, E., Eshuis, J., Klijn, E. H., & Zenker, S. (2018). Improving place reputation: Do an open place brand process and an identity-image match pay off? Cities, 80, 22-28.

Eshuis, J., Braun, E., Klijn, E. H., & Zenker, S. (2018). The differential effect of various stakeholder groups in place marketing. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 36(5), 916-936.

Zenker, S.; Braun, E.; Petersen, S. (2017). Branding the destination versus the place: The effects of brand complexity and identification for residents and visitors. Tourism Management, 58: 15-27.

Eshuis, J., Braun, E., & Klijn, E. H. (2013). Place marketing as governance strategy: An assessment of obstacles in place marketing and their effects on attracting target groups. Public Administration Review, 73(3), 507-516.

Braun, E., Kavaratzis, M. and Zenker, S. (2013) “My city – my brand: the different roles of residents in place branding,” Journal of Place Management and Development, 6(1), 18-28.

Van den Berg, L., & Braun, E. (1999). Urban competitiveness, marketing and the need for organising capacity. Urban Studies, 36(5-6), 987-999.