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Room: DH.Ø.2.59
E-mail: wg.msc@cbs.dk

Next to my professorship (mso) at Copenhagen Business School, I hold a Chair in Consumer Research at the Faculty of Agriculture, Nutritional Sciences and Environmental Management at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen in Germany. I have a background in economics and social sciences from University of Hohenheim (Germany). As a consumer researcher, my main focus is on sustainable consumption, health behaviour and consumer policy. In particular, my research is centered on obesity, food consumption, clothing consumption and subjective well-being. Method wise, I am specialized on quantitative methods and in particular on survey data analyses and field experiments. Over the last 10 years, I have been part of a number of large scale, interdisciplinary projects (EU and national funding sources) dealing with child obesity or sustainable fashion.

Primary research areas
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Health behaviour
  • Behavioural economics
  • Behaviour change
  • Consumer policy / public health policy
Curriculum Vitae
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  • Master theses: more than 15 supervised
  • Topics: sustainable consumption within the areas of food, health and fashion consumption
Other teaching activities
  • OMS PhD course - Applied quantitative methods for non-quantitative doctoral researchers in organization and management studies
Selected publications

Gupta, S., Gwozdz, W. & Gentry, J. (2019). The role of style versus fashion orientation on sustainable fashion consumption. Journal of Macromarketing. 39 (2), 188-207.

Reisch, L., Sunstein, C.R. & Gwozdz, W. (2017) Better than a Whip? European Attitudes Toward Health Nudges. Food Policy. (forthcoming)

Gwozdz, W. (2015). Obesity, sustainability and public health. In: J. Thøgersen and L.A. Reisch (eds.). Handbook of research on sustainable consumption. Cheltenham:  Edward Elgar Publishing. 224–240.

Bly, S., Gwozdz, W. & Reisch, L. (2015). Exit from High Street – An exploratory study of sustainable fashion consumption pioneers. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 39 (2), 125-135.

Wencke Gwozdz; Alfonso Sousa-Poza; Lucia Reisch; Wolfgang Ahrens; Gabriele Eiben; Juan M. Fernández-Alvira; Charalampos Hadjigeorgiou; Stefaan De Henauw; Eva Kovács; Fabio Lauria; Toomas Veidebaum; Garrath Williams; Karin Bammann / Maternal Employment and Childhood Obesity : A European Perspective. In: Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 32, No. 4, 7.2013, p. 728-742

Publications sorted by:
Peng Nie; Anu Rammohan; Wencke Gwozdz; Alfonso Sousa-Poza / Changes in Child Nutrition in India : A Decomposition Approach.
In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol. 16, No. 10, 2019
Journal article > peer review
Barbara F.B. Thumann; Claudia Börnhorst; Nathalie Michels; Toomas Veidebaum; Antonia Solea; Lucia A. Reisch; Luis Alberto Moreno; Fabio Lauria; Jaakko Kaprio; Monica Hunsberger; Regina Felső; Wencke Gwozdz; Stefaan De Henauw; Wolfgang Ahrens; ; / Cross‐sectional and Longitudinal Associations between Psychosocial Well‐being and Sleep in European Children and Adolescents
In: Journal of Sleep Research, Vol. 28, No. 2, 4.2019
Journal article > peer review
Lucia A. Reisch; Wencke Gwozdz / Healthy Diet as a Global Sustainable Development Issue : Reasons, Relationships and a Recommendation.
In: Children's Rights and Sustainable Development: Interpreting the UNCRC for Future Generations. . ed. /Claire Fenton-Glynn. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2019, p. 361-384
Book chapter > peer review
Wencke Gwozdz; Lucia A. Reisch / Instruments for Assessing the Role of Commercials on Children’s Food Choices
In: Instruments for Health Surveys in Children and Adolescents. ed. /Karin Bammann; Lauren Lissner; Iris Pigeot; Wolfgang Ahrens. Cham : Springer 2019, p. 209-230 (Springer Series on Epidemiology and Public Health, Vol. 6)
Book chapter > peer review
Wencke Gwozdz; Peng Nie; Alfonso Sousa-Poza; Stefaan DeHenauw; Regina Felső; Antje Hebestreit; Isabel Iguacel; Lauren Lissner; Fabio Lauria; Angie S. Page; Lucia A. Reisch; Michael Tornaritis; Toomas Veidebaum; Garrath Williams; Ronja Foraita; / Peer Effects on Weight Status, Dietary Behaviour and Physical Activity among Adolescents in Europe : Findings from the I.Family Study.
In: Kyklos, Vol. 72, No. 2, 5.2019, p. 270-296
Journal article > peer review
Wencke Gwozdz; Lucia A. Reisch; Gabriele Eiben; Monica Hunsberger; Kenn Konstabel; Eva Kovács; Edyth Luszczki; Artur Mazur; Edina Mendl; Marge Saamel; Maike Wolters / The Effect of Smileys as Motivational Incentives on Children’s Food Choices : A Field Experiment in European Schools.
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School, CBS 2019, 49 p.
Working paper
Shipra Gupta; Wencke Gwozdz; James Gentry / The Role of Style versus Fashion Orientation on Sustainable Apparel Consumption
In: Journal of Macromarketing, Vol. 39, No. 2, 2019, p. 188-207
Journal article > peer review
Kristian Steensen Nielsen; Wencke Gwozdz; Denise De Ridder / Unraveling the Relationship Between Trait Self-control and Subjective Well-being : The Mediating Role of Four Self-control Strategies.
In: Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 10, 27.3.2019
Journal article > peer review
Hannah S. Jilani; Hermann Pohlabeln; Kirsten Buchecker; Wencke Gwozdz; Stefaan De Henauw; Gabriele Eiben; Dénes Molnar; Luis Alberto Moreno; Valeria Pala; Lucia A. Reisch; Paola Russo; Toomas Veidebaum; Wolfgang Ahrens; Antje Hebestreit / Association between Parental Consumer Attitudes with Their Children’s Sensory Taste Preferences as Well as Their Food Choice
In: PLOS ONE, Vol. 13, No. 8, 1.8.2018
Journal article > peer review
Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen; Wencke Gwozdz; Kerli Kant Hvass / Exploring the Relationship Between Business Model Innovation, Corporate Sustainability, and Organisational Values within the Fashion Industry
In: Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 149, No. 2, 5.2018, p. 267–284
Journal article > peer review
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