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Room: DH.Ø.2.57
E-mail: ur.msc@cbs.dk
Uzman Rehman

I have an M.Sc. and M.Phil. in International Relations from the Quaid-i-Azam University of Islamabad, Pakistan, and an MA in Peace and Development Studies from the University of Jaume I of Castellon, Spain. My Ph.D. from the Institute for Cross-cultural and Regional Studies (ToRS), at University of Copenhagen, Denmark explored religious diversity and Muslim identity in Pakistan within the context of local religious organizations (Sufi shrines).

Since 2019, I have been undertaking fieldwork on a research project on women entrepreneurs, political institutions in the bamboo value chains of India in collaboration with the Foundation for medium and small micro enterprises, New Delhi, India, as part of an international research team.

I am currently involved in a Danida funded research project about Climate Change and textile/garment supply and recycling chains in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan (Time frame: 2022-2025). 

Primary research areas
  • Global Supply and Recycling Chains
  • Sustainability
  • South Asia
  • Migration and Integration - Europe
  • Culture and Business
Curriculum Vitae
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Cultural Analysis – BLC 6th Semester Bachelors
Culture in the Global Business Context – HA EB 1st Semester


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Master's Thesis
Internship Reports (BLC, IBP)

Other teaching activities

As part of the Switch Asia research project in collaboration with a New Delhi based NGO, FMC (Foundation for MSME Clusters), I developed a teaching case study and teaching notes: How to Fly a Tiger? Sustainable sourcing and women’s entrepreneurship in the bamboo industry of India. Center for Sustainability/Center for Business and Development Studies, Copenhagen Business School.

Selected publications

Book Chapter: Global Recycling Networks and Sustainable Development Goals in Handbook of grand challenges in global production and innovation networks.(Forthcoming).

Rehman, U., (2021) Teaching Case Study: How to Fly a Tiger?: Sustainable sourcing and women’s entrepreneurship in the bamboo industry of India. Center for Business and Development Studies, Copenhagen Business School.

Rehman, U., & Lund-Thomsen, P. (2014). Social support at a Sufi lodge in Punjab, Pakistan. Contemporary South Asia, 22(4), 377-388.

Rehman, U. (2008). ‘Sacred Spaces, Rituals & Practices: The Mazārs of Saiyid Pīr Wāris Shāh and Shāh ‘Abdu’l Latīf Bhitāī’ (Peer Reviewed), in Catharina Raudvere and Leif Stenberg (eds.). Sufism Today. London: I.B.Tauras, pp.137-57.

Rehman, U. (2006). ‘Religion, Politics and Holy Shrines in Pakistan’. Nordic Journal of Religion and Society, 19(2), 17-28.