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Visiting Fellow, CBDS

Shyamain Wickramasinghe
Presentation and academic fields

I am a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Business and Development Studies (CBDS).  I undertake inter-disciplinary research on the political economy of global apparel production networks with an emphasis on inter-firm relations, uneven development, and labour regimes. I was trained in economic geography and development studies. 

In addition to visiting CBDS, I am full-time employed at the University of Sussex Business School as a Research Fellow. I am also a member of the UKRI Future Leaders Fellows Development Network. I am the recipient of an ESRC New Investigator Grant and am currently the Principal Investigator of a project funded under this scheme. This project examines the resilience of European-South Asian apparel production networks in the post-Covid19 context and its implications for firms and workers in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Primary research areas
  • Political economy of global production networks/value chains
  • Labour regimes
  • Climate change and value chain transition
  • Ethical sourcing
  • Sustainable development

Selected publications

Shyamain Wickramasingha; Neil M. Coe / Conceptualizing Labor Regimes in Global Production Networks: Uneven Outcomes across the Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan Apparel Industries. Economic Geography, Vol. 98, No. 1, 2022, p. 68-90

Shyamain Wickramasingha / Constructing (Im)Perfect Geographical Knowledge: Negotiating Positionality in Comparative Field Sites. Professional Geographer, 27.2.2023

Shyamain Wickramasingha / Intenational Civil Society Organizations and Temporalities of Labour Regimes: A Case Study from the Bangladeshi Apparel Industry. In: Labour Regimes and Global Production. ed. /Elena Baglioni; Liam Campling; Neil Coe; Adrian Smith. Newcastle upon Tyne : Agenda Publishing 2022, p. 229-246 (Economic Transformations) 

Shyamain Wickramasingha / Multi-stakeholder Initiatives through the Lens of Labour Regimes: Towards a Heuristic Analytical Framework. Geoforum, Vol. 137, 12.2022, p. 1-11

Shyamain Wickramasingha; Geert De Neve / The Collective Working Body: Rethinking Apparel Workers' Health and Well-being during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Sri Lanka. Global Labour Journal, Vol. 13, No. 3, 9.2022, p. 322-339

Wickramasingha, Shyamain. (2020). “Labour regimes in global production networks – Comparing the Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan apparel industries. PhD thesis. Scholar Bank, National University of Singapore.

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