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My research on labor organization in developing countries dates back to the mid-1980s. Having retired as an emeritus in 2016 I have scaled down my international fieldwork. Yet, most recently I contributed to a forthcoming anthology on trade unions and labor representation in Asia, edited by Russell Lansbury and Lee Byoung-Hoon, with a chapter on Malaysian trade unionism. During the last decade I participated in several international conferences, and in the aftermath papers have been published in the Journal of Industrial Relations (2012), Geoforum 44 (2013) and the Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies (2014). Together with Rene Ofreneo, University of the Philippines, I made a chapter on labor markets in Southeast Asia to the anthology, The New Political Economy of Southeast Asia (2010), edited by Rajah Rasiah, University of Malaya, and Johannes Dragsbæk Schmidt, Aalborg University. Finally, a chapter on trade unions in the Asian automotive industries was published in the anthology, Cars, Automobility and Development in Asia: Wheels of Change (2015), edited by Arve Hansen and Kenneth Bo Nielsen.

Within the research field of the global automobile industry I made a study for UNIDO in 2009-10 of the impact of the global financial crisis on the automobile industry in developing countries. With VGR Chandran, University of Nottingham Malaysia, we made another study for the ILO on the Malaysian automobile industry with a special focus on labor market conditions and industrial relations. The ILO report was subsequently published in a revised version in The International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management (2011). And with Rick Doner I published an article in Journal of Contemporary Asia (2014) comparing the impact of economic crises on automobile industries in Southeast Asia.
Industrial policy in developing countries has been one of my main teaching areas, while research experience has been achieved mainly in the sector of automobile industrialization in Asia. A state of the art review of the field, Governance, business and development, is made for the upcoming anthology, Business and Development Studies, edited by Peter Lund-Thomsen, Michael W. Hansen and Adam Lindgreen.

Research on innovation systems and processes in developing countries has so far been delimited due to lack of external research funding. Corporate innovation issues were studied as part of my engagement in the research project, Outsourcing for Development (2006-2008), led by Michael W. Hansen. One book chapter on the Malaysian manufacturing innovation system has been co-authored with Rajah Rasiah and VGR Chandran of University Malaya, Malaysia and published in an anthology in 2012.

My ongoing interest in research philosophy and methodology was translated into a book chapter on realist research theory and critical realism that appeared in a Danish anthology on these matters within political science, sociology and administration in 2012 with a new version in the 3rd edition 2015.

Primary research areas
  • Labor and employment relations in developing countries
  • Global automobile industry with special focus on developing countries
  • Innovation systems in developing countries
  • Political economy of development in general and in Malaysia in particular
  • Social science philosophy and methodology
Curriculum Vitae
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BLC M.Sc. Development Strategy in a Global Economy: Options for Government

IBP B.Sc. Political Economy of Development

ASP B.Sc. Regional Economic Integration in Asia


Master's Thesis supervision in BLC, IBP and related disciplines.

Selected publications

Doner, R.F. and Wad, P. (2014), “Financial Crises and Automotive Industry Development in Southeast Asia”, Journal of Contemporary Asia, Vol. 44 No. 4, pp. 664–687

Wad, P. (2013) "Getting labour rights right at a foreign controlled company in Malaysia: A Global Labour Network perspective", Geoforum44, 2013, pp. 52-61.

Wad, P. (2010) "Impact of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis over the Automotive Industry in Developing Countries", Working Paper 16, 2009. Vienna: UNIDO.

Hansen, M. W., Petersen, B. & Wad, P. (2011) "Change of Subsidiary Mandates in Emerging Markets: The Case of Danish MNCs in India", Transnational Corporations Review, Vol. 3, Nr. 2, s. 104-116.

Wad, P. (2012) Realistisk videnskabsteori og kritisk realisme. I: Videnskabsteori – i statskundskab, sociologi og forvaltning (2. udgave). Redaktion: Michael Hviid Jacobsen, Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen og Peter Nedergaard. Hans Reitzels Forlag (Gyldendal Akademisk), s. 375-420.

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Peter Wad / "Green" Sunrise or "Brown" Sunset Industry Response? : The Impact of the Global Economic and Financial Crises over Developing Countries' Automobile Industry.
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Peter Wad / Automotive Industry in Malaysia : Evolution and Impact of Global Crisis.
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Peter Wad; Charles T. Tackney / Campaigning for Global Corporative Compliance with Core Labor Rights : The Case of Industrial Conflict at Toyota's Philippine Company.
In: Congress Proceedings2009
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