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Philipp Alexander
External Lecturer, Ph.D.
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Philipp Ostrowicz
Presentation and academic fields

Philipp A. Ostrowicz has a background from previous employment as an Assistant Professor at University of Tübingen (Germany). He has obtained a PhD (Dr. phil.) in the field of German literature, culture and art which is published as a monograph. He is an external Research Associate at the University of Tübingen and co-coordinator of the Tübinger Poetics Lectureship.

Academic fields: German literature and language, culture, society and politics, art history and cultural studies.

Professional and/or academic experience

In his professional career Philipp A. Ostrowicz has been working with university strategy and external financing for many years and has recently been the founder of the "Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure (CSEI)" at CBS. As a coordinator of CSEI he is mainly working with the center's policy and stakeholders in close relation with the European Commission and the international energy industry.

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

From his position as Assistant Professor Philipp A. Ostrowicz has a long-standing experience of teaching under-graduate and graduate students. Since he has been living in Denmark, he has given numerous lectures and  talks on German culture, society and politics.

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