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External lecturer

Lars Abel_CBS
Presentation and academic fields

M.Sc. (business economics) Owner of Fipra Denmark/European Advisers providing strategic advice and issue management to both Danish and international companies and organisations.

Through my company I have many years hands on experience working with government relations and public affairs, i.a. as head of secretariat of the international environment technology network EUROENVIRON, special advisor to consumer authorities in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania on behalf of the Danish Foreign Ministry, and adviser to the Danish Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation. For more than 10 years I was first head of secretariat for the Association of Toy Manufacturers in Denmark and later branch director of the Nordic Association of Toy Manufacturer. In this capacity was elected world president of ICTI – International Council of Toy Industries 2012-2014.

I am a former member of the European Union’s Committee of the Regions.

Professional and/or academic experience

Over the years I have taught a number of courses at CBS, e.g.

  • International Management and Foreign Trade (HD)
  • Empirical Economics and Methodology (HA)
  • Advanced Service Economics (Service Management) (BA) (Danish and international students)
  • European Cultural and Industrial Geography (BA)
  • European Economy and Politics (BA)
  • EU knowledge – market and State governed by law (BA)
  • The unities of European policies (BA)
  • Globalization, the European Union, the industries and public affairs / lobbyism (CLM)
  • The development of The European Policy for Climate – Climate Challenges seen from Danish, European and a Global perspective (CLM)
  • European Business: Denmark in Europe - Danish Companies in Europe (BA)
  • Public Affairs / lobbyism as business strategy (HA BA)
Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

I have many years’ experience both as a lecturer and as a supervisor at CBS (European Business, European Studies, Tourism and Cultural Management, Business Economy)

Main subjects:

European Union, in particular policy development, transnational governance, European integration and globalization, industry and business policy (including the Internal Market), climate policy, energy policy, environment policy, lobbying, public affairs and corporate influences in a European context, the European institutions, Brexit, Denmark and Danish businesses in EU.

Globalisation and international organisations, international trade agreements.

Strategy development. Issues and crisis management. Public Affairs.

Other Teaching Activities

Officially appointed external examiner for Business Communication and Business Language by the Ministry for Education and Research.

Officially appointed external examiner for Business Economy by the Ministry for Education and Research.

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