Department of Management, Society and Communication

External Lecturer

Karen Becker
Presentation and academic fields

My interests lie in the areas of business and society, with a particular focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and the role of business in the humanitarian sector. Like the field, my work has evolved over the past twenty-five years, with my early work in CSR focused on CSR communication, consumer response, and NGO partnerships. More recently, the focus is on rethinking CSR and strengthening impact. I have worked with a range of SMEs and MNEs in the United States looking to build and more fully integrate CSR in their business strategy. Additionally, as part of a business and humanitarian response program, I worked with businesses and non-profit organizations helping them to forge meaningful collaborations and scale response to humanitarian crises. Most recently, I am studying the role of political brand activism and the looking at new messaging strategies within the CSR domain which help to educate and drive sustained interest and action across various stakeholders.

Professional and/or academic experience

I have taught a range of courses at the Bachelor and Graduate level at CBS, New York University, Lehigh University,  and The College of New Jersey.

Undergraduate: Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behavior and Persuasion, Business and Humanitarian Response, Marketing and Public Policy, and Branding and Political Activism

Graduate: Corporate Social Responsibility

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

Thesis Supervision for graduate and undergraduate students at CBS and other U.S. universities. I supervise in the areas of corporate social responsibility and consumer behavior.

Mentored several undergraduate student research groups and internships.