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E-mail: fca.msc@cbs.dk
Francesco Caccioni

I work within the fields of Organization Theory, Political CSR and Business Ethics, and my research explores how organizations collaborate to tackle societal Grand Challenges. After completing a BSc in Philosophy from University of Bologna and a MSc in Business Administration and Philosophy from Copenhagen Business School, I worked in the Private Sector Partnership department of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and as consultant for Oxfam IBIS.

 My current research project focuses on the migration crisis in the Central Mediterranean Sea and examines how actors from public, private and third sector orchestrate collaboration in a context of crisis and create strategies for effective, ethical and sustainable humanitarian action.

 I am part of HUMAC, a cross-departmental research group at Copenhagen Business School. We seek to develop in-depth, contextualized insights into the role of the private sector in the delivery of humanitarian assistance and how the challenges inherent in private-sector humanitarian engagement can be overcome.

Primary research areas


Corporate Social Responsibility

Business Ethics

Human Rights

Collective Action.

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Partnership for the Goals: Cross-Sector Collaboration to Address Societal Challenges (summer 2022)

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Francesco Caccioni; Verena Girschik; Jasper J. Hotho / Maersk and the Mediterranean Migrant Crisis : Shipping in a Humanitarian Storm.
Cranfield : Case Centre 2023, 24 p.
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