Sustainable fashion or sustainable wardrobe?

Sustainability as Main Agenda at Copenhagen Fashion Summit April 24

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2014



Almost 1,000 people turned up in their very best dress at the Opera House in Copenhagen to enjoy a day of debate and festivity, music, celebrities and fashions shows all in the spirit of sustainability - excellently organized by Danish Fashion Institute. In her talk "Reduce, Revise, Regularise" (paraphrasing Greenpeace), Financial Times Fashion Editor, Vanessa Friedman, proposed to introduce the concept of "sustainable wardrobe" rather than "sustainable fashion". Friedman highlighted how "sustainable fashion" is an oxymoron or a self-contradiction in terms because the fashion industry is increasingly obsessed with launching new collections every month and that there is no way, this can lead to sustainability for the planet. Rather she calls for customers to take charge and be carefully selecting a wardrobe that is small and long-lasting yet sufficiently all-round to be worn for many purposes. The call for citizens and customers to engage and take action was a permeating thread in the conference, that also featured Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Deputy Prime Minister Margrethe Vestager, President and CEO at Bottega Venetta Marco Bizzari, Head of Sustainaiblity at H&M, Helena Helmersson and Executive Director for Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Jason Kibbey and many others. And not least Development Director Jonas Eder-Hansen and CEO Eva Kruse from the Danish Fashion Institute.


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