Mikkel Larsen on Sustainable Banking in a Post Covid World

CBS Sustainability at a practitioner-led Brown Bag seminar with Adjunct Professor Mikkel Larsen “Sustainable Banking in a Post Covid World.”


The World’s priorities post COVID will change. Environmental issues will remain critical and urgent but COVID has again reminded us of the unbreakable link between “The 3Ps”.

In this session, Mikkel spoke about how banks are adjusting the focus but also about some of the priorities that remain intact. He focused on selected areas of work that are going on in the sector and that DBS is engaged with. Next to the current tasks of banks supporting their customers and employees, social inequalities have proven to be the most pressing and urgent issues to be targeted. Families and individuals that have been disenfranchised prior to the crisis continue to be even worse off now in its aftermath. Promoting financial inclusion and financial literacy, and “democratisig wealth” has been mentioned among other ways in which banks can work on reducing social inequality.

This practitioner-led brown bag seminar marked the first in a series of seminars involving our adjunct professors.

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