9th Sound Economic History Workshop in Copenhagen, May 21-22, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 10:45 to Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 17:30

9th Sound Economic History Workshop in Copenhagen, May 21-22, 2014

Host: Centre for Business History, Copenhagen Business School (Copenhagen)
Sponsor: Scandinavian Economic History Review

Keynote speakers: Marc Flandreau (Geneva) and Kevin O’Rourke (Oxford)
Local organizer: Alfred Reckendrees; Sound organizer: Jacob Weisdorf

Place: CBS, 2000 Fredriksberg, Kilen, Room KS71

Wednesday 21.6.

10.45        Welcome coffee

11.00        Keynote lecture
                Kevin O'Rourke,
Oxford University: “Coal, colonies and the Industrial Revolution

12.30        Jacob Weisdorf, South Danish University Odense: "The Wages of Women in England, 1269-1850" (joint work with Jane Humphries, Oxford).

13.00        Lunch break

14.00        Åsa Malmström Rognes, Uppsala University: “Embedded Family Capitalism in Southeast Asia – the Role of Capital Markets for Family Business Groups and How the Asian Crisis Changed Them

14.30        Ursula Hård, Stockholm University: “Can one live on food? Local development and new enterprises by means of local food production - a process study from the area Hälsingland in the municipality Gävleborg in northern Sweden

15.00        Hanna Nielsen, Lund University: “The role of coal in the Czech industrial revolution (1830-1873)

15.30        Coffee break

16.00        Meng Wu, London School of Economics and Political Science: “How did the Chinese Shanxi piaohao solve the commitment problem in their long distance business in the 19th century? –An analysis of piaohao’s management structure

16.30        Eric Bengtson, University of Gothenburg: “Distribution of Income between Capital and Labour in Denmark and Norway, c. 1830–2010

17.00        Marc Flandreau, University of Geneva

18.30        Adjourn

19.00        Joined Dinner at “Sale e Pepe”


Thursday, 22.6.

10.00        Keynote lecture
                Marc Flandreau,
University of Geneva: “Comparative Information Systems and Comparative Financial History: The Rise of Rating Agencies in the US

11.30        Thor Berger, University of Gothenburg: “Locomotives of Local Growth: The Short- and Long-Term Impact of Railroads in Sweden” (work together with Kerstin Enflo)

12.00        Karol Jan Borowiecki, South Danish University, Odense: “How are you, my Dearest Mozart? Well-being and creativity of three famous composers based on their letters

12.30        Alfred Reckendrees, CBS: “Why did Early Industrial Capitalists suggest minimum wages and social insurance?

13.00        Lunch break

14.00        Julien Brault, University of Geneva: “Before your Fountains Import Substitution, Oil Quotas and Rent Seeking in France (1920’s-1970’s)

14.30        Kerstin Enflo, Lund University: “Business Cycles in the Nordic countries 1834 – 1945: Balancing domestic and external forces” (joint work with M. Morys, York)

15.00        Henric Häggqvist, Uppsala University: “Protectionist Sweden and Liberal Denmark - Small States and Tariffs in Comparative Perspective 1780-1830

15.30        Alfred Reckendrees, SEHR : “journal publishing

                 Session with coffee and refreshments

16.00        Kevin O'Rourke, Oxford University

17.30        End of the workshop

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