New Research on 'Flexicurity', Unemployement and Youths' Well-being in Europe


Janine Leschke co-authored the article 'Balancing Flexibility and Security in Europe? The Impact of Unemployment on Young Peoples’ Subjective Well-being' in European Journal of Industrial Relations.



Janine Leschke, along with co authors Helen Russell and Mark Smith, has just published an article on the impact of unemployment on young Peoples’ subjective well-being in the European Journal of Industrial Relations.They examine the relationship between ‘flexicurity’ systems, unemployment and well-being outcomes for young people in Europe. Their research suggests that greater flexibility of labour supply supports transitions into employment, trading longer-term employment stability for short-term job instability. However, there is a risk that young people experience greater job insecurity, both objective and subjective, with less stable contracts and more frequent unemployment spells.

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