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cand.polit., Ph.D., Chairman of the Center for Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance

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Steen Thomsen, professor, Ph.D., is chairman of the Center for Corporate Governance at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). He specializes in corporate governance as a teacher, researcher, consultant, commentator and practitioner. His academic publications include some 30 international journal articles and 3 books on the subject.


International Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance and Finance
Corporate Governance (MBA)


3 Ph. D. students

Other teaching activities

Ph. D. Course in Corporate Law and Economics

Selected publications
  • Thomsen, Steen and Martin Conyon. Corporate Governance: Mechanisms and Systems. McGraw-Hill. 2012.
  • Kronborg, Dorte and Steen Thomsen. 2009. Foreign Ownership and Long Run Survival, Strategic Management Journal, 30:207-219, 2009.
  • Thomsen, Steen & Torben Pedersen and Hans Kurt Kvist. The Direction of Causality between Blockholder Ownership and Market Valuation. Journal of Corporate Finance, 2006.
  • Thomsen, Steen & Torben Pedersen. Ownership Structure and Economic Performance in the Largest European Companies.  The Strategic Management Journal. 21(6). 2000. 689-705.
  • Thomsen, Steen. Corporate Ownership by Industrial Foundations. The European Journal of Law and Economics 7(2), 1999.
Publications & dissemination
Christa Winther Børsting; Steen Thomsen / Foundation Ownership, Reputation, and Labour
In: Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Vol. 33, No. 2, 2017, p. 317-338
Journal article
Aleksandra Gregoric; Lars Oxelheim; Trond Randoy; Steen Thomsen / Resistance to Change in the Corporate Elite : Female Directors' Appointments onto Nordic Boards.
In: Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 141, No. 2, 3.2017, p. 267-287
Journal article
Steen Thomsen / The Danish Industrial Foundations
København : Djøf Forlag 2017, 209 p.
Steen Thomsen; Caspar Rose; Dorte Kronborg / Employee Representation and Board Size in the Nordic Countries
In: European Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 42, No. 3, 2016, p. 471-490
Journal article
Christa Winther Børsting; Johan Moritz Kuhn; Thomas Poulsen; Steen Thomsen / Long-Term Ownership by Industrial Foundations
Steen Thomsen / Nordic Corporate Governance Revisited
In: Nordic Journal of Business, Vol. 65, No. 1, 2016, p. 4-12
Journal article
Steen Thomsen / The Nordic Corporate Governance Model
In: Management & Organization Review, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2016, p. 189-204
Journal article
Steen Thomsen / Comparative Corporate Governance of Non-Profit Organizations
In: European Company and Financial Law Review, Vol. 11, No. 1, 2014, p. 15-30
Journal article
Steen Thomsen; Frederik Vinten / Delistings and the Costs of Governance : Study of European Stock Exchanges 1996-2004.
In: Journal of Management & Governance, Vol. 18, No. 3, 2014, p. 793-833
Journal article
Ildura Busta; Evis Sinani; Steen Thomsen / Ownership Concentration and Market Value of European Banks
In: Journal of Management & Governance, Vol. 18, No. 1, 2.2014, p. 159-183
Journal article
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