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Panagiotis Keramidis is a Ph.D. Fellow at the Department of Digitalization. He is part of the DIREC network. His research on the role of Artificial Intelligence and Business Process Management technologies in the Business Transformation, with an emphasis on rule-based process mining, process intelligence as well as process automation. His objective is to identify how organizations implement such solutions, how the decision making process changes, what are the strategic and operational insights that are derived and ultimately what is the business value that is created by these solutions. Panagiotis is collaborating with DCR Solutions.

Before starting his PhD, Panagiotis was a Research Associate at the Information Systems Laboratory of the University of the Aegean. He participated in several nationally and EU funded research projects, mostly focusing on digital governance. He also conducted research in a number of scientific subjects, including digital governance and e-participation.

Panagiotis holds a Master of Science in E-Government from University of the Aegean. He also holds an Integrated Master of Engineering in Information and Communication Systems from the same University. His graduate thesis focused on the digital governance research center services, while his undergraduate thesis focused on the creation and visualization of the digital governance science base.

Primary research areas
  • Digital Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Process Management
  • Decision Making, Business Value
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Selected publications

Keramidis, P., & Shollo, A. (2024). Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence Business Value in a Value Network. In: ECIS 2024 Proceedings. 13.

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