Department of Accounting

Uffe Just
External lecturer

Presentation and academic fields

In the last 20 years I have been serving as CFO in several different companies. Today I am working as Partner in Pacioli Consulting.
Industry experience includes construction business, car inspections, waste management, automobile business (import and dealers) and advertising.

Key competencies:

•    Performance management.
•    Budgeting and business planning.
•    Activity Based Costing.
•    Cash flow management and working capital management.
•    Restructuring and development of finance functions.
•    Implementing and optimizing administrative IT-systems.

Professional and/or academic experience

I have written several cases and exam assignments at HD level.

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

I have a broad knowledge and experience within management accounting and company evaluation. I supervise primarily within the following areas:

•    Company evaluation.
•    Management control systems.
•    Activity based costing.
•    Cash management.
•    Performance management.