Department of Accounting

Teaching assistant

Presentation and academic fields
I have been part of EY for almost 9 years and became state authorised public accountant in November 2021. 
Today, I work as a senior manager, spending approx. 70% of my time in the audit department, and spending the remaining time in the professional practice department, working with IFRS and Årsregnskabsloven.
I am responsible for the audit of my audit clients, including the planning of the audit, interim audit, hard closes and year end audits, as well as assisting my clients with other tasks and engagements. In the professional practice department, I assist with newsletters, EY publications and consultations within the accounting and financial statements area. 
Key competencies:
Årsregnskabsloven (Danish GAAP)
Professional and/or academic experience
I have been a co-author on the following articles/ publications:
EY Indsigt i Årsregnskabsloven 19/20, 20/21 and 21/22
EY Illustrativ IFRS Årsrapport 2021 
EY Illustrativ IFRS delårsrapport 2021 and 2022
Several articles that can be found on