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Crowd-financing for Solar Infrastructure


The City of Copenhagen strives to become the first carbon neutral capital in the world by 2025. Looking beyond the 2025-goal it is a political ambition for Copenhagen to be fossil-free by 2050 with a very low overall carbon footprint. To fulfill these ambitions and transition to a carbon neutral economy, alternative sources of energy must be pursued. While wind turbines supply around 42% of the total energy supply of Denmark with a goal of increasing that to 85% by 2050, there is an opportunity for solar energy to supplement the remaining energy production. To manage this transition and to begin to create a solar energy market in Denmark, Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration (BLOC), in technical collaboration with GoSolar, has embarked upon a project aiming at disintermediating the current market players and creating a crowd-financing tool that empowers individuals and provides higher return on investments than any other financial mechanism on the Danish market today. It is the vision of this project to empower local communities and individuals to be able to invest in the greening of their buildings, the reduction of their energy bills and the ability to participate in an inclusive and affordable investment marketplace.


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Innovation Network for Finance IT (Fintech)

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Alexandra Instituttet, The Danish Bankers Association, Aarhus University, Copenhagen FinTech, IT University of Copenhagen, University of Copenhagen, DELTA Dansk Elektonik, Lys & Akustik , Technical University of Denmark



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