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  • Coordinator: Dorte Lønsmann

11th annual GEM&L conference 'Organising Multilingually' ('Organising Multilingually')



In cooperation with the French association Groupe d’Études Management Et Languages (GEM&L), Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is planning to organise the annual GEM&L conference in Copenhagen 3-5 July 2017. GEM&L is a scientific association of professors, scholars and professionals focused on issues of language and communication in the world of business and organisations. The association has a long tradition of organising annual conferences bringing together researchers from various academic fields including linguistics, communications, and management sciences, as well as practitioners like consultants, trainers, and managers working in multilingual contexts. Previous GEM&L conferences have been held at world-leading universities such as ESCP-EUROPE (2016), Aalto University (2015), and Toulouse Business School (2014). The GEM&L conference of 2017 will constitute the 11th annual GEM&L conference. Although a number of Danish and Danish-based researchers are active members of the GEM&L network, including the three academic members of the local organising committee – Dorte Lønsmann, Mette Zølner and Guro Sanden – this is the first time a GEM&L conference is going to be held in Denmark. As the local organiser of GEM&L 2017, it is the responsibility of CBS to cover the majority of expenses associated with the conference.


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