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Addressing COVID Challenges through Temporary Social Enterprises (COVIDWISE)


Entrepreneurship research is interested in business models that sustain themselves indefinitely. The COVID-19 crisis requires a more transitory approach that we call "temporary entrepreneurship", referring to entrepreneurship behaviour that addresses the immediate societal needs caused by the crisis, knowing that eventually demand will end with the crisis, then making the underlying enterprise obsolete. This is innovative research since little to no prior research exists on this phenomenon.We will apply a rigorous qualitative research approach. Using inductive reasoning we will generate and then mentor virtually 28 temporary enterprises on how they can1) identify transitory needs and opportunities to address these; 2) manage to create successful temporary business models; and 3) transition back into the normal economy after the crisis is over. Our project creates value to society by showing educators and policy makers the role of temporary entrepreneurship in a time of crisis. More immediately we will generate 28 temporary COVID-19 enterprises. The efficiency of the project execution will be aided greatly by drawing on two already existing online platforms used by CBS: The Coursera CBS Social Entrepreneurship Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and the Babele Open Innovation business model platform.Both platforms will be instrumental in the implementation of results. They allow entrepreneurs and policy makers to access data generated in real time.


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