Rulings, orders, legislation, references, and comments pertaining to Danish labour law. Useful tool if you want to know what applies in labour law.

Arbejdsret contents

Every year sees hundreds of new rulings issued by courts of law and industrial bodies as well as huge numbers of books, booklets, and articles published. All of this new information is registered in Arbejdsret. Registry of all information pertaining to labour law

  • Collection of rulings. More than 10.000 summaries of all fundamental rulings
  • Collection of headwords from almost 40 agencies / journals going back to 1819.
  • References
  • Labour market regulations
  • Forms - documents relating to labour and organisation law, transferable to your own cases
  • Newsletter Arbejdsretlig Orientering
  • Labour law primer. Dictionary of labour law terms and concepts
  • Links to relevant online sources
  • The books Arbejdsret, Den Danske Arbejdsret I-III, and Foreningsret by Ole Hasselbalch.

Rulings and references are brought up to date 12 times per year. Everything else 4 times per year.
(Translated from Arbejdsret online)

Arbejdsret Online facts

Geography Denmark
Provider DJØF, Schultz, DA




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