Innovation is high on the agenda in DK

Over the years, the CBS Executive MBA (EMBA) programme content has evolved to meet the changing needs and trends in global business and we are proud to report that ‘our finger is still very much on the pulse’.


Innovation Idea

The Executive MBA (EMBA) courses are developed with a focus with growing demands of global business needs and as with the world Innovative skills are high on the  EMBA agenda.

Innovation has developed into drivers for economic development and growth. In the curriculum, of the CBS EMBA you will be focused on Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Reflexive Leadership, Leading Responsible Corporations and Strategy development courses. For the electives one is able to choose Strategic use of Big Data, Technology platforms and placing them together with the main programme courses provides all participants a high exposure to being able to proactively drive innovation and further develop their corporations needs.

Denmark achieves top ranking within innovation

It is not only the CBS EMBA programme that finds innovation to be an important skill, Denmark as a country has recently been ranked the sixth most innovative country in the world on the ‘Global Innovation Index’ where 127 countries were ranked based on their ability to innovate on different parameters - economy, education, infrastructure, business structure and political environment.

The high investments in higher education, research and use of digital technology are leading Denmark to the top of the ranking. To further emphasise on innovation Denmark is ranked number three in innovation within research and development. According to the report, Denmark is in the global top-league as there are a high number of researchers, within universities producing high levels of academic articles with a substantial amount of GDP being spent on research.

It is on this foundation that CBS EMBA is built on and with the availability of top researchers working globally we are able to draw on their expertise and knowledge in the teaching. To find out more about the Global Innovation Index 2017. – Innovation Feeding the World.

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