Welcome, Copenhagen MBA class of 2016!


This week, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the new Copenhagen MBA class, made up of 39 talented students representing 22 nationalities.


Copenhagen MBA class of 2016

Welcome, Copenhagen MBA Class of 2016!

This week, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the new Copenhagen MBA class. 39 talented students representing no less than 22 nationalities entered the classroom that will form their learning base for the coming year. During introduction week, the students will have a chance to get to know their newly acquired classmates alongside encountering core programme elements such as the Leadership Discovery Process and Managing Sustainable Corporations. 
"We are proud to see such a dynamic and diverse group of students in the MBA classroom," states Thuli Skosana, Admissions Manager for the Copenhagen MBA." We travel all over the world to meet and interview potential students in order to assemble such an exciting group of talented individuals, and seeing them for the first time in one room is very special. The energy and expectations for the year ahead are almost tangible."
Each individual joins with a significant amount of work experience; the average amount for the class being seven years. Average age is 31, and almost 40% of the class is made up by women, a very competitive figure internationally, which the programme has upheld for several years.
"One of the Copenhagen MBA's strengths is that we keep our class sizes small, ensuring that students benefit fully from the entire MBA network," comments Poul Hedegaard, MBA Director at Copenhagen Business School. "Being in a group of 39 students means you have the opportunity to get to know each and every individual in the class, allowing you to acquire a professional and personal network spanning across continents, industries and job functions."
Although sustainability and CSR have been strong programme features for several years, the class of 2016 will be the first to fully experience the Responsible Management theme, kicking off with a 50 hour course in Managing Sustainable Corporations. Once they reach their third trimester, students will also have the option to broaden their MBA experience further by opting to apply for an elective course offered at St. Gallen, Switzerland, as part of CBS and St. Gallen's joint elective programme.
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