Commencment of Class 2018 - 45 talented individuals representing 22 nationalities

45 unique and accomplished individuals representing 22 nationalities met for the first time in the MBA classroom in Copenhagen.


Welcome to the class 2018: 45 talented individuals representing 20 nationalities


  • 45 Participants                                   Average Age - 30 years
  • 22 Nationalities                                  42% Female : 58% Male
  • 93% International                               Average Experience - 6.7years

Earlier this month, 45 accomplished individuals representing 22 nationalities met for the first time in the MBA classroom. Introduction week kicked off through an elevator-pitch-style introduction round, revealing interesting backgrounds and hidden talents. The journey that lies ahead will be a shared adventure as well as an individual challenge, and expectations for the forthcoming year are high.

An MBA participant said “I am particularly looking forward to getting to know the rest of the team, people who are undoubtedly going to be my lifelong friends, mentors and coaches and will help me develop the necessary skills to become an impactful leader. And the cherry on top is that I get to have twenty over different countries and cultures with me on this journey. What more can I ask for?”

The average student in the class of 2018 is 30 years’ old and brings several years of work experience to the table. A quick glance over the class profiles unveils educational backgrounds such as medicine, engineering psychology, product innovation and human genetics alongside the more traditional subjects such as business administration, finance and engineering.

Since commencing their MBA adventure, the students are well on their way to making CBS feel at home and have tackled readings, courses and assignments with great enthusiasm. We wish the class the best of luck on their journey and look forward to following their academic adventures during the year to come!

  2018 class stats.png

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