Seminar presenting the findings of the Swedish Infrastructure Commission

On February 8, 2016; the Public-Private Platform hosted an event focusing on the findings of the Swedish Infrastructure Commission.


A dedicated group of public servants, business representatives and researchers joined the platform to hear chairman and member of the Swedish Infrastructure Commission Björn Hasselgren and Pia Kinhult present the findings. The report made recommendations for future infrastructure initiatives, including the potential use of public-private partnerships.

After the presentation Michael Svane, Federation of Danish Industries (Federation of Danish Transport), gave some comments to the presentation and PPP Academic codirector Carsten Greve moderated a lively and interesting debate.

In March 2015, the Commission began its work and was launched with the purpose of broadening the discussion on how transport infrastructure is financed, owned and organized in Sweden. The Commission has especially studied alternatives to traditional government funding with the goal of proposing solutions for how Sweden can obtain more and better infrastructure. The infrastructure agenda is also highly debated in Denmark, though there is not as yet an established committee dedicated to this issue. The participants at the workshop felt that insights from the Swedish case could be beneficial to people working in the Danish system solving governmental and managerial issues concerning building and handling robust transport infrastructure.

Read about the Infrastructure Commission at their website here.



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