This year's applicants

New education in Information Management takes off


An increase in the number of applicants from Denmark and the rest of the EU makes up for the decrease in applicants from non- EU/EEA citizens


New education in Information Management takes off.

With 254 applicants for 60 openings at CBS’ new education in Information Management the tendency from “kvote II” continues among “kvote I” applicants and the program is ensured a sufficient number of qualified applicants.

The total number of applicants to the CBS bachelor educations has dropped by 1.9%, covering an increase at the Business Language educations – including Information Management at 3.4% and a drop in the Business Aministration educations of 3.7%.

“The interest in our programmes among Danish applicants and applicants from the other EU/EEA countries has actually increased compared to last year” Admission Officer Anne Mette Hou Warren says, “because there is less of a drop in applicants from the rest of the world than the small drop in the total number of applicants.

Even though CBS has more applicants from countries outside the EU and EEA than predicted – even the greatest number of any Danish university. There was a predictable drop in applicants from this group because they now have to pay to study in Denmark.

“Of course the decreasing number of applicants from non-EU/EEA countries is felt in our English language Departments” Anne Mette Hou Warren says. There are noticeably less applicants from China and to a certain degree from Africa.”

There is also a tendency to less interest in studying two languages. The combination of one language combined with communication also has fewer applicants, while the Business Administration programme including Corporate Communication on the other hand is experiencing a sharp increase. The amount of applicants to the Business Administration and Computer Science degree has stabilised after a sharp drop a few years ago.

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