Research managers back to school

Popular course held for the fifth time


Popular course held for the fifth time

There are big demands on managers in the research world. The challenges are many and the managers have to live up to expectations on efficiency, usage and not least research across field boundaries. Research managers in the public sector have the possibility of being better equipped to deal with the challenges.

For the fifth time CBS and the Handelshøjskolens Efteruddannelsescenter (HHE) offer the ”Research Management Course” in the fall. The course attracts a number of research managers from both universities and area research institutes of varying background such as Liberal Arts and Medicine. For the first time there are participants from both Norway and Sweden.

“It is incredible to be part of this course. You feel the energy and the will to change in the participants. Management is taken very seriously here – both personally and professionally. It is interesting also to see the networks created between our institutions and how the participants share their experiences. The course has been on for several years now and there are more and more participants. And it is exciting that this concept has now spread to Norway and Sweden”, Course Director, Dean Sren Barlebo Rasmussen states.

Research Management Course was held for the first time in 2002/3 on initiative from the Danish Rectors' Conference. 120 professors, Directors of Departments, Heads of Departments and many others have been on these courses. People come from both the universities and the area research institutions. Already 40 participants have signed up for the next course, which starts in September and consists of three modules placed in September, November and February. 

On the course the participants get concrete management tools, like how to handle changes and form strategies and not least how to become part of a network of research managers.

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