Roots are Valuable in a Global Business World


Even though the business world is becoming increasingly global, companies should not underestimate the strength of their national roots. This is one of the points of a new book on globalisation.


To which extent should companies follow international trends or try to capitalise on their national roots and cultures? This is one of the issues of the new book Limits to Globalization: Borders still matter. An issue many companies face today.

A group of Finnish researchers has studied the advance of the globalisation process. The study contains 12 different cases; all anchored in the Finnish society.

Nation states still play a role
The book observes that despite being heavily internationally connected, companies’ national roots still matter. National states are still significant players in regulating economic activities - even though distances between countries and companies have become increasingly irrelevant.

Denmark and Finland are similar in the sense of being heavily interconnected internationally, in particular in terms of large companies. The book thus gives food for thought for Danish companies on how to handle globalisation.

Limits to Globalization: Borders still matter by Risto Tainio, Susan Meriläinen, Jukka Mäkinen and Marit Laihonen, published in November 2013 by Copenhagen Business School Press, 240 pages.

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