Two CBS Maritime Books to make Børsen’s Top 10

The Danish daily business newspaper Børsen has chosen the ten best management books of 2016.


The list is typically dominated by American management books, but this year two books from CBS Maritime made it into the top 10 in fourth and sixth place, respectively.

Martin Iversen, Associate Professor at CBS, recounts the history of the East Asiatic Company Ltd. (EAC) and the impact the company has had on the Danish business community from 1897 to 2015. The excellent interaction between text and chosen pictures, distinguishes the book from most other business books.

Read more about Udsyn - ØK, Danmark og verden (Outlook – EAC, Denmark and the World)

Thomas Roslyng Olesen, Assistant Professor at CBS, recounts the closing of the great Danish shipyards during the 1980s and 1990s and shows how the closings led to the development of an internationally strong maritime equipment industry instead. The book provides a good understanding of the development of the competitive conditions in a global industry.

Read more about Da værfterne lukkede - Transformationen af den danske værftsindustri 1975-2015 [Closing the Shipyards - The Transformation of the Danish Shipyard Industry 1975-2015]

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