Department of Marketing collaborates with Teaching & Learning on Nordic Nine course examples


Department of Marketing collaborates with Teaching & Learning on Nordic Nine course examples 

Nordic Nine is a collection of nine transformative skills that strike a balance between personal growth and societal and civic responsibilities. The Nordic Nine project aims to ensure that all CBS graduates have the transformative skills outlined in The Nordic Nine, which are essential to CBS’ vision. The objective is for all CBS graduates in 2024 to have participated in research-based learning processes that foster The Nordic Nine skills, including the unique management capabilities that are distinctive to the Nordic model and that are important for CBS’ ambition to take a leading role in business and societal transformations.

Professor Torben Hansen has collaborated with CBS Teaching & Learning on providing an example of how to integrate Nordic Nine #2 into an academic course:  

More course examples may appear in the near future. 

Nordic Nine #2: In recent years, markets have become increasingly complex. Market complexity refers to the inherent challenge of comprehending and navigating the various factors that can affect a company’s performance. These factors may include the state of the economy, governmental rules, consumer conduct, and other market participants’ actions. The enormous amount of information that must be processed in order to make informed decisions is one of the main difficulties associated with market complexity. Even the most skilled market agents may find this overwhelming because they must constantly watch the market for modifications and shifts in order to stay on top of things. Another factor contributing to market complexity is the increasing interconnectedness of global markets. As more and more countries become linked through trade and investment, the performance of one market can have a cascading effect on others, making it difficult to predict how events in one part of the world may impact another. These circumstances point to a strong need for learning activities that can train and enable students to transform complex information into knowledge. This is reflected in the Nordic Nine no. 2: ‘You are analytical with data and curious about ambiguity’. 


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