Congrats to Dr. Letícia Vedolin Sebastião


Congrats to Dr. Letícia Vedolin Sebastião

lvLetícia Vedolin Sebastião defended successfully her Ph.D. thesis at Copenhagen Business School on September 7. Many thanks go to Letícia's supervisors Jesper Clement and Torsten Ringberg and to the committee members, Selma Kadic-Maglajilic, Mirja Hubert, and Robert Smith.

Letícia's Ph.D. thesis explores how mindfulness can affect consumer self-control. The thesis consists of three papers, an integrated discussion chapter, and a reflection chapter. The first paper is a systematic review of the literature on mindfulness and consumption, integrating findings from different fields of research and shedding light on how mindfulness affects consumer behavior. The second paper tests empirically whether mindfulness can be a boundary condition for the effects of uncertainty on virtuous consumption. The third paper tests empirically whether learned mindfulness can affect the anti-saccade task. Letícia closes her Ph.D. thesis with an integration of the findings and reflections on being a Ph.D. student during the pandemic.

Congrats, Letícia, well deserved.

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