Book launch: The Oxford Handbook of Process Philosophy and Organisation Studies

Welcome to a book launch and short workshop on the basis of the Oxford University Press Handbook of Process Philosophy and Organisation Studies on March 25.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 - 13:30 to 16:30

The Handbook is edited by Jenny Helin, Uppsala University, Tor Hernes, IOA/CBS, Daniel Hjorth, MPP/CBS, and Robin Holt, Liverpool University and MPP/CBS, and has several CBS-based contributing authors, several of whom will be present at this event. We will present what Process Philosophy can do for Organization Studies and make room for discussion and Q&A. Afterwards we are happy to invite you to a reception.

The program is the following:
13.30              Welcome (5 min)
13.40-14.00    Concept of the book and what it wants to do
                       (editorial presentation)

14.00-14.15   Anders Raastrup Kristensen - Deleuze
14.15-14.30   Sverre Raffnsøe - Kierkegaard
14.30-14.45   Christian Borch - Tarde
14.45-15.00   Timon Beyes - Sloterdijk

15.00-15.15   Coffee

15.15-15.30   Editors/plenary discussion – tying some ends,
                      bridging to group work
15.30-16.00   Groupwork
16.00-16.30   Discussant moderating Q&A session

16.30             Thank you + Reception

The book launch is open for everyone.

Jenny, Tor, Daniel and Robin

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