The new Department of Management, Society and Communication Goes Green


October is World Vegetarian Awareness Month bringing global attention to the health and environmental benefits of vegetarianism! The Department of Management, Society and Communication at CBS has decided to take this message seriously, and on Monday, the department is implementing a vegetarian default food policy – the very first at CBS.

In the wake of the merger between IKL and IBC, establishing the Department of MSC, colleagues saw the opportunity to challenge the way we do things at CBS and launched a competition asking colleagues at the new department to submit ideas to how the Department could become more sustainable. Based on criteria of feasibility and impact, the winning idea became the proposal of making the department more vegetarian.

The vegetarian policy entails that whenever a colleague wishes to order food for an event, only vegetarian food will be served unless specifically requested otherwise. The setup mirrors how dietary requirements are currently specified except that from now on people wanting a meat-based meal have to specify this wish. The default will therefore not undermine the freedom of choice as anyone who wants to eat meat is free to do so.

With support from the department and in close collaboration with Spisestuerne, the policy is now being rolled out as a pilot project over the next 6 months. After the 6 month’s trial period, the effect of the policy will be evaluated and potential adjustments made.  

If you want to know more about the vegetarian policy, you are welcome to send an email to the implementing task force at

The page was last edited by: Department of Management, Society and Communication // 05/17/2022