Private Sector, Public Sector and Public-Private Sector Challenges in Developing Ocean Economy and Governance

CBS Maritime hosted the event Ocean Economy, Governance and Growth in celebration of the Danish Maritime Funds 10 year’s jubilee. The speakers brought up quite diverse views on how to develop and govern the Ocean Economy.


CBS Maritime_DMF Jubilee

From the left: Dr. Walter Block (J. A. Butt Business School, Loyola University New Orleans), Professor Carsten Greve (Copenhagen Business School)
and Director of Maritime R&D Mogens Schrøder Bech (Danish Maritime Authority).
Photo: CBS Maritime

- If it moves, privatize it; if it doesn't move, privatize it. Since everything either moves or doesn't move, privatize everything, was the message from Dr. Walter Block (J. A. Butt Business School) who, together with Professor Carsten Greve (CBS) and Director of Maritime R&D Mogens Schrøder Bech (the Danish Maritime Authority), presented and debated ways of sustainably developing and exploiting business opportunities related to the maritime and marine sector in the future.

In relation with the Danish Maritime Funds 10 year’s jubilee and the newly presented plans from the Danish Government’s Maritime Strategy Team, CBS Maritime hosted an event on 29 May under the title of Ocean Economy, Governance and Growth. The event attracted participants from across the maritime business sector, public administration and academia.

- As for the recommendations from the Maritime Strategy Team, this event showed conflicting views on what is implied by terms such as Ocean Economy, Ocean Governance and Blue Growth, and how we may best approach and tap into the economic opportunities provided by the oceans, in a sustainable way. A key question arising from the discussion is the extent to which there are areas of the ocean economy that are more easily susceptible to privatization, says Director of CBS Maritime Henrik Sornn-Friese.

A concluding debate moderated by PhD Fellow Stefan Kirkegaard Sløk-Madsen (Copenhagen Business School) ended this day of interesting and diverging views on Ocean Governance, Ocean Economy and Blue Growth.

Stefan rounds up his views on the event and the future research possibilities from the of-set of the recommendations set out by the Maritime Strategy Team by stating that:
- When you aim to innovate you have to seek out consistent but extreme and heterodox views. After that comes the challenge to be scientific by hearing opposing views and submitting all to scrutiny. I am proud we managed this process today, says PhD fellow, Stefan Kirkegaard Sløk Madsen whilst expressing a big thank you to all that took part in this important day for the future of ocean governance interest.

He goes on the say that there seems to be a lot of maritime issues related to maritime under-governance and a lot of practical solutions and research streams are needed to address these optimally in the future.
The event attracted a certain media coverage i the form of the Danish radiostation Radio 24syv who after the event made interviews with both Dr. Walter Block and PhD fellow Stefan Kirkegaard Sløk-Madsen.

Listen for the (Danish-spoken) interview on the Radio 24syv webpage


Presentation by Carsten Melchiors, Head of Secretariat:

PDF icon Presentation of The Danish Maritime Fund

Presentation by Mogens Schrøder Bech, Head of Division The Danish Maritime Authority:

PDF icon Public Sector Challenges in Developing Ocean Economy and Governance


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