Green Shipping Researchers Workshop: Initiating our Project Journey

The Green Shipping Researchers Workshop aims to further develop academic partnerships across disciplines as well as institutions. CBS Maritime is happy to be hosting the event which will take place on 30 April and 1 May 2018.

Monday, April 30, 2018 - 08:30 to Tuesday, May 1, 2018 - 17:45

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30  April and 1  May,  around  35  international  researchers  will  guest  Copenhagen  Business  School  for  the  first  Green  Shipping  Researchers  Workshop. The  workshop  will  include  participants  from different  disciplines  and  with  affiliation  to  universities  across  the  world.    

The  aim  of the workshop is  to  continue  develop  the  project-roadmap  towards  research  objectives  and  collaborative  research  partnerships within the frame of the Green Shipping Project.  The  structure  of  the  event  will  be  in  the  form  of  a  working  academic  session  with  presentations  of  ongoing  as  well  as  published  research,  invited speakers as well as with  a  number  of  group  and  cluster  workshops.
For more information on the agenda, participants etc. see the program above.  

Among other, one  of  the  main  items  to discuss in mapping the ongoing work within the project, is  the  subject  of  governance.  Governance  is  the  integral  theme  of  the  project  meaning it is the subject of governance which ties  this  large  group  of  researchers  together. However,  the  concept  of  governance  will  vary  from  discipline  to  discipline  and  therefore  it  will  be  one  of  the  first  topics  to  tackle  by  asking "what  does  governance  mean  to  you?"

About  the  Green  Shipping  Project 
Under  the  joint  leadership  of  CBS  Maritime  and  the  Centre  for  Transportation  Studies  at  the  Sauder  School  of  Business  (University  of  British  Columbia,)  the  partnership  on  Governance  and  Innovation  for  a  Sustainable  Maritime  Supply  Chain͛  aims  to  increase  the  level  of  understanding  of  green  shipping  initiatives  and  challenges  and  identify  pathways  for  effective  policy,  investment  and  innovation.  In  addition  Associate  Professor  Peter  Hall  from  Simon  Fraser  University  is  also  co-chairing  the  partnership. 

While  new  eco-friendly  business  models  are  emerging  and  public  and  private green  shipping͛  rules  and  incentives  are  accelerating,  policy  and  innovation  efforts  are  uncoordinated  and  often  inconsistent.  The  consequence  is  growing  regulatory  fragmentation,  increased  investment  risk,  public  confusion,  and  uncertain  economic,  business  and  environmental  outcomes. 

A  key  aspect  for  the  partnership  will  be  to  address  five  main  areas  related  to  the  global  maritime  supply  chain  that  require  improved  sustainability  governance:  trade,  ports,  value  chains,  business  models  and  stakeholders.    The  focus  will  be  to  further  advance  knowledge  of  issues  and  opportunities  for  business  and  policy-makers.

For more information on the Green Shipping Project, contact CBS Maritime Director, Henrik Sornn-Friese or CBS Maritime Co-director, Leonardo Santiago

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