Who is on the board?

Use the library resources to find corporate board members, their biographies, and remuneration packages.


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All major corporations have a board that helps chart the strategic course and makes important decisions about operations and development. 

But how do you identify individual board members? There are in fact different routes, as we provide access to a wide host of databases with this exact information. Available data on boards and board members covers but is not limited to.:

  • Names of corporate board members
  • Board remuneration (compensation) packages
  • Board member biographies
  • Board member roles in ESG, especially the latter G=Governance.

ORBIS is always a great place to start

Regardless of company and geography, Obis is a great place to start your exploration. Orbis is a very extensive database of millions af both private and listed companies from all around the world. To get started, simply:

  • Look up a company and click the name to display the available information. 
  • Select Directors, managers & advisors -> Current Directors, managers & advisors from the left-hand menu for a list of board members. 
  • Click a name for more information about the individual member.

Visit Orbis to find corporate board members


Corporate boards in Denmark

If you are specifically looking for information about Danish companies, the resources Bisnode and Navne og Numre Erhverv are great choices. 

Corporate networks in Denmark

Bisnode comprises information about Danish companies and their management teams and board members. You will find bios going back 25 years of more than 229.000 people from both the private and public sector, including network relations, i.e. who knows whom in Danish business. You can look up a person (click the name for profile, network, and relations) or a company (click Persongalleri to find out more about individuals).

Network relations in Bisnode

All VAT registered companies

In Navne og Numre Erhverv you will find information about all Danish VAT registered companies, branch offices, and public institutions. Information about board member roles, networks, and length of service is available from the tab Kontaktpersoner (contacts). 

Find VAT registered companies in Navne og Numre Erhverv

Listed companies

If you are looking for board information from listed companies, financial databases such as Eikon,  Bloomberg, and BoardEx (part of the WRDS universe) are the natural choices because they cover more updated data. 

In Eikon, simply type in the company name and click the ESG tab. Now select Officers for a list of board members and executive staff. Follow the link to see more information about each individual, including age, gender, educational background, remuneration package etc. 

To find information about boards and management in Bloomberg, you need the MGMT (company management) feature. MGMT contains information about company executives and board members. Look up a company and use the tabs to display detailed information and profiles of former and current executives and board members. The Board tab contains information about careers, results, former board roles, and remuneration details.

Another option is to use BoardEx, a part of the WRDS database. In BoardEX you will find information about board and management team members in listed companies and selected major private companies. To access BoardEx, you first need to register with WRDS as access is limited to CBS students and staff. 

Database shortcuts



Navne og Numre Erhverv




If you want to learn more about boards and board services, you will find plenty of books and articles on the topc in Libsearch

If you have any questions about library resources, please stop by the library counter. We would love to help out. 

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