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Alina Grecu; Wolfgang Sofka; Torben Pedersen / Do Companies Pay a Wage Penalty For Having Offshored?
I: Proceedings of the Eightieth Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. red. /Guclu Atinc. Briarcliff Manor, NY : Academy of Management 2020 (Academy of Management Proceedings)
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Torben Pedersen; Marcus M. Larsen; Àngels Dasí / Searching Locally and Globally : Applying Daniel Levinthal’s Scholarship to International Business.
I: Journal of International Business Studies, 6.3.2020
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Sergejs Groskovs; Torben Pedersen / Business Performance Outcomes of Digitalization : The Case of Construction.
Paper presented at Strategic Management Society 39th Annual international Conference. SMS 2019, 2019
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Camilla Nellemann; Torben Pedersen / Equipping Knowledge Workers with Competences to Succeed in Industry 4.0 : A Study of Blended Learning for Employees of Manufacturing Firms.
Abstract from DUN Konferencen 2019, 2019
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Torben Pedersen; Giuseppe Soda; Diego Stea / Globally Networked : Intraorganizational Boundary Spanning in the Global Organization.
I: Journal of World Business, Vol. 54, Nr. 3, 2019, s. 169-180
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Agnieszka Nowinska; Torben Pedersen / Horizontal and Vertical Distance and Knowledge Sharing
Paper presented at DRUID19 Conference, 2019
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Nicolai J. Foss; Torben Pedersen / Microfoundations in International Management Research : The Case of Knowledge Sharing in Multinational Corporations.
I: Journal of International Business Studies, Vol. 50, Nr. 9, 12.2019, s. 1594–1621
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Giuseppe Soda; Diego Stea; Torben Pedersen / Network Structure, Collaborative Context, and Individual Creativity
I: Journal of Management, Vol. 45, Nr. 4, 4.2019, s. 1739-1765
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Marcus M. Larsen; Stephan Manning; Torben Pedersen / The Ambivalent Effect of Complexity on Firm Performance : A Study of the Global Service Provider Industry.
I: Long Range Planning, Vol. 52, Nr. 2, 4.2019, s. 221-235
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Camilla Nellemann; Agnieszka Nowinska; Torben Pedersen / Upgrading the Skills of Blue Collar Workers : A Study of Online Learning at a MNE.
I: Proceedings of the Academy of International Business Annual Meeting 2019: International Business in an Unsettling Political and Economic Environment. 2019
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