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Marie Louise

Kontor: KIL/14.A-3.80
E-mail: lm.si@cbs.dk

Louise Mors is a Professor of Strategic and International Management at the Copenhagen Business School. Prior to joining CBS, she was on the faculty at the London Business School and also spent time as a post-doc at the Sloan School at MIT. Louise Mors has a PhD from INSEAD in France. 

Before pursuing her academic career, Professor Mors worked as an independent management consultant. Among others, she advised the senior management of a large British media and communications firm on their e-business strategy and assisted the senior management of one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Europe to devise their growth strategy. From 2015 to 2021, she served on the board of CfL.

Professor Mors is actively involved in the academic community with the Strategic Management Society and the Academy of Management. Currently she is an elected officer of the Strategic Management division of the Academy of Management and she has served two terms as an Associate Editor of the Academy of Management Perspectives – a leading journal that addresses important issues concerning management and business.  

With a focus on large, global firms, Professor Mors' research examines the relationship between senior managers’ informal networks, organization design and performance. Recently her work has also examined the role of female directors on corporate boards. Professor Mors’ work has been published in the top strategy and management journals, such as the Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science and the Academy of Management Journal. 

Primære forskningsområder
  • Organization design and formal firm boundaries, work in (scientific/dispersed) teams
  • Ambidexterity and innovation
  • Social networks, knowledge sharing and performance
  • Board dynamics and gender stratification


Curriculum Vitae
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Udvalgte publikationer
  • Fast success and slow failure: Process efficiency in dispersed teams (with D Waguespack). Research Policy 2021, 50(5).
  • A network perspective on individual-level ambidexterity in organizations. Organization Science (2014) 25: 1860-1877 (with M. Rogan)
  • Innovation in a global consulting firm: When the problem is too much diversity. Strategic Management Journal (2010) 31: 841-872
Publikationer sorteret efter:
Marie Louise Mors; David M. Waguespack / Fast Success and Slow Failure : The Process Speed of Dispersed Research Teams.
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Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
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Susan E. Lynch; Louise Mors / Strategy Implementation and Organizational Change : How Formal Reorganization Affects Professional Networks.
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Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Louise Mors; David Waguespack / Fast Success and Slow Failure : An Examination of the Costs of Collaboration across Formal Boundaries.
Paper presented at The DRUID 20th Anniversary Conference 2016, 2016
Paper > peer review
Louise Mors; David Waguespack / Fast Success and Slow Failure : The Costs of Collaboration across Formal Boundaries.
Abstract from Strategic Management Society 36th Annual International Conference. SMS 2016, 2016
Konferenceabstrakt til konference > peer review
Michelle Rogan; Louise Mors / Managerial Networks and Exploration in a Professional Service Firms
Fontainebleau : INSEAD 2016, 44 s. (INSEAD Working Paper, Nr. 2016/87/EFE)
Working paper
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