Election to the Danish Parliament (Folketing) and earlier retirement: find an expert at CBS

The election is announced: Find a researcher whose area of expertise is one of the points of impact at this election to the Folketing, viz. earlier retirement.


Mette Fredriksen S og Lars Løkke Rasmussen V

The election to the Danish Parliament (Folketing) has been called and is to be held on the 5.’th of June.

Contact one of these CBS researchers and get up to speed on earlier retirement. For experts on the EU-election please read our list of researchers.


Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen, Professor and Director of Centre – Pension Research Centre (PeRCent) and Department of Economics: 

Contact +45 3815 3478 – shj.eco@cbs.dk

• Short- and long-term effects of fiscal policy

• Macroeconomic policy and structural reforms in the eurozone

• Macroeconomic and retirement political aspects of demographic changes

Arna Olafsson, Assistant Professor – Department of Economics and Pension Research Centre (PeRCent): 

Contact +45 3815 3620 or mobile +45 4185 2446 – ao.fi@cbs.dk

• Pension economics

• Behavioural economics

• Labour economics

Bjarne Florentsen, Associate Professor – Department of Finance: 

Contact +4538153609 – bf.fi@cbs.dk

• Tax-subsidized savings accounts

• Personal finance

• Mutual funds

Katja Mann, Assistant Professor – Department of Economics: 

Contact +4538152596 – kma.eco@cbs.dk

• Demographic ageing

• Pension reform

Michael Møller, Professor – Department of Economics:

Contact +4538153618 – mm.fi@cbs.dk

• Personal finance

• Pension

• Portfolio management and tax

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