Conference in honor of Niels Westergård-Nielsen

Applied personnel economics – The use of register information

Friday, January 18, 2019 - 10:00 to 17:00

The conference is held in honor of Professor Niels Westergård-Nielsen who has contributed significantly to the economic research, based on data from the Danish administrative registers since 1982 and who turned 70 this summer.

Keynote at the conference is Edward Lazear a highly renowned labour economist from Stanford University, who is founder of the field personnel economics which is the focus of this conference.
Over the years, Niels Westergård-Nielsen's register-based, empirical work on Danish workers and companies has brought about many interesting collaborations with local, as well as internationally renowned economists. Many of these scholars will participate in the conference with talks on some of the significant findings and contributions that this important field of research has produced over the last three decades.
Currently, Niels Westergård-Nielsen serves as member of the Center for Corporate Governance, is director of the Center for Owner-Managed Business and has a chair at CBS.

See the programme for the event below

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