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Madeleine is Assistant Professor (tenure-track) at the Department of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School and visiting scholar at Stanford University. She holds a PhD from European University Viadrina (Germany), and a M.Sc. in International Business and Management from Nottingham Business School. Madeleine´s research focuses on strategic management and innovation with a particular interest in strategic decision-making, such as heuristics and change of decision patterns. More recently, Madeleine conducts research in extreme contexts and challenges faced by people both working and living in challenging contexts, such as war-torn areas like Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq. She tackles these (grand) challenges from a variety of theoretical angles while mainly applying case studies and ethnographies. She is an active members of Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society and EGOS, and has co-convened sub-themes at EGOS 2018 and 2019 on heuristics decision-making. Her work has been published in both academics and practitioner outlets such as Journal of Management Studies, Strategic Organization, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, and Harvard Business Review.

Primary research areas
  • Heuristics decision making
  • Strategy making for both larger and nascent firms
  • Influence of (disruptive) innovation
  • Tackling grand challenges


Administrative tasks

Curriculum Vitae
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  • Strategic Management and Innovation

Other teaching activities

Selected publications
  • Rauch, M., Ansari, S. (2021). From "Publish or Perish' to Societal Impact: Organizational Repurposing towards Responsible Innovation through creating a medical platform. Journal of Management Studies (forthcoming)
  • Rauch M., Ansari S. (2021) Diaries as a methodological innovation in the study of grand challenges. Research in the Sociology of Organizations (2020)
  • Stanske, A., Rauch, M., Canato, A. (2020). Anti-Identity Strategizing: The dynamic interplay of “Who we are” and “Who we are not”. Strategic Organization, 18(1): 136-170:
  • Cornelissen, J., Hartmann, M., Koch, J. Rauch, M., Wenzel, M. (2020). (Un)Mind the gap: How organizational actors cope with an identity-strategy misalignment. Strategic Organization, 18(1), 212-244
Publications sorted by:
Madeleine Rauch / Drones in Military Warfare : The Moral and Emotional Implications of an Emerging Technology.
In: Proceedings of the Eighty-First Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management . ed. /Sonia Taneja. Briarcliff Manor : Academy of Management 2021 (Academy of Management Proceedings)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Madeleine Rauch; Shaz Ansari / Drones in Military Warfare : The Moral and Emotional Implications of an Emerging Technology.
Paper presented at DRUID21 Conference, 2021
Paper > peer review
Matthias Wenzel; Madeleine Rauch; Abiodun Adegbile; Yevgen Bogodistov; Sadrac Cénophat; Michael Hartmann; David Wagner; Veit Wohlgemuth / Dynamic Capabilities : Celebrating the Plurality of Understandings of the Concept.
In: Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships: Discourses, Concepts, and Reflections. . ed. /Tomás Bayón; Martin Eisend; Jochen Koch; Albrecht Söllner; Markus Vodosek; Heinz-Theo Wagner. Cham : Springer 2021, p. 1-28 (Contributions to Management Science)
Book chapter > peer review
Madeleine Rauch; Shahzad (Shaz) Ansari / From ‘Publish or Perish’ to Societal Impact : Organizational Repurposing towards Responsible Innovation through Creating a Medical Platform.
In: Journal of Management Studies, 25.5.2021
Journal article > peer review
Michael J. Mol; Madeleine Rauch / Time : Three Temporal Lenses on International Business Research.
In: Proceedings of the Eighty-first Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. ed. /Sonia Taneja. Briarcliff Manor, NY : Academy of Management 2021, 1 p. (Academy of Management Proceedings)
Conference abstract in proceedings > peer review
Madeleine Rauch; Shaz Ansari / Waging War from Remote Cubicles : How Workers Cope with Technologies That Disrupt the Meaning and Morality of Their Work.
In: Organization Science, 30.11.2021
Journal article > peer review
Matthias Wenzel; Joep Cornelissen; Jochen Koch; Michael Hartmann; Madeleine Rauch / (Un)Mind the Gap : How Organizational Actors Cope with an Identity–strategy Misalignment.
In: Strategic Organization, Vol. 18, No. 1, 2.2020, p. 212-244
Journal article > peer review
Sarah Stanske; Madeleine Rauch; Anna Canato / Anti-identity Strategizing : The Dynamic Interplay of “Who We Are” and “Who We Are Not”.
In: Strategic Organization, Vol. 18, No. 1, 2.2020, p. 136-170
Journal article > peer review
Madeleine Rauch; Matthias Wenzel; Jochen Koch / How Top Managers Change Their Portfolio of Organizational Heuristics
Poster session presented at Strategic Management Society 40th Annual international Conference. SMS 2020, 2020
Madeleine Rauch; Shahzad Ansari / Responsible Innovation for Tackling Grand Challenges : Framing and Serendipity in the Emergence of Knowledge Commons.
Paper presented at [CANCELLED] SMS Special Conference Berkeley, 2020
Paper > peer review
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