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Mark Lorenzen is Associate Professor of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Industrial Dynamics and director of DRUID. He researches the economic geography of open innovation, with a special focus on the relationships between innovation and the economic organization of the market in networks, projects, and clusters - currently within the creative industries. Mark has published in journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Economic Geography, Organization Studies, and Economic Geography, convened sessions at DRUID, Academy of Management, AIB, EGOS, and AAG, raised extensive research funding, and received awards for research excellence. Mark teaches at all levels and has received several teaching awards at Copenhagen Business School. He is editor-in-chief emeritus of Industry and Innovation, senior editor of Management and Organization Review, editor of The Oxford Handbook of Creative Industries, and serves on review boards for e.g. Journal of International Business Studies and Industry and Innovation. He is a chairman of the board of the DRUID Foundation and served as director of the imagine.. creative industries research centre. Mark is also a busy keynote speaker and commentator in TV and other media, and has received Copenhagen Business School’s award for excellence in research dissemination. 

Primary research areas
  • Innovation studies

  • International business

  • Strategy

  • Economic geography

  • Organization studies

Administrative tasks
  • Director of DRUID
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  • Course coordinator and teacher, "Managing Innovation", cand. merc., CBS.

  • Course coordinator and teacher, "Creative Industries, Innovation and Strategy", cand. merc., CBS.

  • Course coordinator and teacher, "Creative Industries, Innovation and Strategy", cand. soc., CBS.

  • Course coordinator, "Project-oriented internship/anthropological field study", cand. soc., CBS.

  • Ph.D. thesis supervisor, Ph.D. School of Economics and Management, CBS.

  • MA thesis supervisor, cand, merc., CBS.

  • MA thesis supervisor, cand, soc., CBS.

  • Internship supervisor, cand, soc., CBS.

  • BA thesis supervisor, CBS.

Selected publications
  • Lorenzen, M., Mudambi, R., and Schotter, A. (2020) International connectedness and local disconnectedness: MNE strategy, city regions and disruption, Journal of International Business Studies, 51: 1199-1222.

  • Jones, C., Lorenzen, M. and Sapsed, J. (2015) The Oxford Handbook of the Creative Industries, Oxford: Oxford University Press. 

  • Lorenzen, M. and Mudambi, R. (2013) Clusters, Connectivity and Catch-up: Bollywood and Bangalore in the Global Economy, Journal of Economic Geography, vol. 13 no. 3: 501-534.

  • Foss, N. and Mark Lorenzen (2009) Towards an Understanding of Cognitive Coordination: Theoretical Developments and Empirical Illustrations, Organization Studies, vol. 30 no. 11: 1201-1226.

  • Lorenzen, M. and Andersen. K.V. (2009) Centrality and Creativity: Does Richard Florida’s Creative Class Offer New Insights Into Urban Hierarchy? Economic Geography, vol. 85, no. 4: 363-390.

Publications sorted by:
Vincenzo Butticè; Chiara Franzoni; Mark Lorenzen; Cristina Rossi-Lamastra / Open Innovation in Italian High-end Fashion : An Analysis of Network Tie Formation by New Ventures.
In: Journal of Industrial and Business Economics, Vol. 50, No. 4, 12.2023, p. 849–875
Journal article > peer review
Kristina Vaarst Andersen; Mark Lorenzen; Agnieszka Nowinska / Scarce Resources or Damaged Goods? : On the Legitimacy of Laid‐off Workers Following MNC Failure.
In: Global Strategy Journal, 25.10.2023
Journal article > peer review
Mark Lorenzen; Ram Mudambi; Andreas Schotter / International Connectedness and Local Disconnectedness : MNE Strategy, City-regions and Disruption.
In: Journal of International Business Studies, Vol. 51, No. 8, 10.2020, p. 1199-1222
Journal article > peer review
Mark Lorenzen / How Early Entrants Impact Cluster Emergence : MNEs vs. Local Firms in the Bangalore Digital Creative Industries.
In: Management and Organization Review, Vol. 15, No. 3, 9.2019, p. 495-531
Journal article > peer review
Kristina Vaarst Andersen; Mark Lorenzen; Agnieszka Nowinska / The Broad versus the Pointed Brush : Status Change, Stigma, and Blame Following Fast Organizational Failure.
Paper presented at DRUID19 Conference, 2019
Paper > peer review
Agnieszka Nowinska; Kristina Vaarst Andersen; Mark Lorenzen / The Broad vs. the Pointed Brush : Status Change, Stigma and Blame Following Fast Organizational Failure.
Paper presented at DRUID18 Conference, 2018
Paper > peer review
Mark Lorenzen / The Geography of the Creative Industries : Theoretical Stocktaking and Empirical Illustration.
In: The New Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography. ed. /Gordon L. Clark; Maryann P. Feldman; Meric S. Gertler; Dariusz Wójcik. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2018, p. 305-323
Book chapter > peer review
Thomas Riis; Niels Breining; Martin Gormsen; Søren Sandfeld Jakobsen; Mark Lorenzen; Anker Brink Lund; Katrine Schlüter Schierbeck; Peter Schønning / Fremtidens danske indholdsproduktion : Udvalget om finansiering af dansk digital indholdsproduktion .
København : Kulturministeriet 2017, 118 p.
Mark Lorenzen; Ram Mudambi / Clusters and Global Innovation : The Role of Connectedness and Connectivity.
In: The Handbook of Global Science, Technology, and Innovation. ed. /Andrea Filippetti; Daniele Archibugi. Chichester : Wiley 2015, p. 216-227
Book chapter > peer review
Candace Jones; Mark Lorenzen; Jonathan Sapsed / Creative Industries : A Typology of Change.
In: The Oxford Handbook of Creative Industries. ed. /Candace Jones; Mark Lorenzen; Jonathan Sapsed. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2015, p. 3-30
Book chapter > peer review
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2018 - 2020 SNYK (the National Genre Organization for Contemporary and Experimental Music and Sound Art in Denmark), Ministry of Culture Member of the Board of Directors
2018 - 2020 Danish Radio and Television Board, Danish Agency for Culture Board member
2018 - 2020 Have Communications Member of the Board of Directors
2018 - 2023 Art Music Denmark Member of the Board of Directors