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PhD fellow
PhD Fellow

Room: SOL/D3.32

In 2021 Daniela has started a PhD in Marketing at Copenhagen Business School. Previously, she achieved her B.Sc in International Economic Relations at Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, her Master in Strategic Marketing at the same university and her MSc in Business Administration and Ebusiness from Copenhagen Business School.

Her present research investigates cloud digital platforms adoption within healthcare (Platform-as-a-Service) and focuses on finding and proposing solutions to challenges, in the context of patient data availability but slow market adoption of cloud technology in the sector. Taking advantage of her marketing and digital background, her research aims to uncover possible solutions presently used in marketing to advance a field where digital transformation struggles.


Aside from her academic background, Daniela has significant practical experience in market research, communications management and entrepreneurship. 

Primary research areas
  • B2B marketing, decision making, artificial intelligence, strategic marketing, design science research.


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