Department of Marketing

Assistant professor

Room: SOL/C3.09
E-mail: cpi.marktg@cbs.dk

Constant Pieters is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Copenhagen Business School. Prior to joining CBS, he was a Lecturer of Marketing at Tilburg University, where he also earned his Ph.D.

Constant’s ongoing research focuses on quantitative business and marketing research methods, as well as their substantive applications in marketing strategy and consumer research. His research on the comparative performance of moderation methods is published in the Journal of Marketing Research. He also published on the theorization and testing of U-shaped relationships with and without moderation in the Strategic Management Journal. Constant has been presenting his research at international conferences.

In terms of teaching, Constant has been responsible for the coordination, development, and delivery of fundamental and applied courses in quantitative marketing research and analytics domains. He has also been an active MSc. thesis coach.

Constant received a Ph.D. in Marketing (2020), a Research MSc. degree in Business: Marketing (2014), an MSc. degree in Marketing Research (2012), and a BSc. degree in Business Administration (2011), all at Tilburg University.

Primary research areas
  • Applied business and marketing research methods
  • Latent variable models
  • Non-linear regression
  • Construct validation
  • Meta-analysis


Social media
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Constant prefers coaching quantitative and mixed-methods projects. Students can contact him for potential supervision by sending him a proposal. Student thesis projects should be ambitious and should aim to be of high academic quality.

Selected publications

Pieters, Constant, Rik Pieters, and Aurélie Lemmens (2022), “Six Methods for Latent Moderation Analysis in Marketing Research: A Comparison and Guidelines,” Journal of Marketing Research, 59 (5), 941-962.

Haans, Richard F. J., Constant Pieters, and Zi-Lin He (2016), “Thinking about U: Theorizing and Testing U- and Inverted U-Shaped Relationships in Strategy Research,” Strategic Management Journal, 37 (7), 1177-1197 (lead article).


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Constant Pieters / Process Analysis for Marketing Research : An Abstract.
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Constant Pieters; Rik Pieters; Aurélie Lemmens / Six Methods for Latent Moderation Analysis in Marketing Research : A Comparison and Guidelines.
In: Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 59, No. 5, 10.2022, p. 941-962
Journal article > peer review
Richard F. J. Haans; Constant Pieters; Zi-Lin He / Thinking About U : Theorizing and Testing U- and Inverted U-shaped Relationships in Strategy Research.
In: Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 37, No. 7, 7.2016, p. 1177-1195
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