Department of Management, Society and Communication

External lecturer, Ph.d.

Thomas Tøth_CBS
Presentation and academic fields

I am currently teaching the following courses:

  • Globale projekter og interkulturelt samarbejde, HA Pro (Global projects and intercultural collaboration, Business Administration and Project Management)
  • The Digital Organization, M.Sc. in Communication (Cand. Merc. Kom)
Professional and/or academic experience

My primary work is at Formpipe Software A/S where I am Head of Architecture & IT Development leading a development organization spanning approx. 20 employees in Denmark and 20 staff members in Ukraine.

Throughout my career I have been working within the IT industry with a clear focus on global collaboration, process maturity and leadership. I have done so in many different roles, including a long stint as independent consultant.

From autumn 2011 I took a break from “corporate life” and returned to CBS to dive into the complexities of global teamwork. This resulted in my PhD thesis handed in December 2014.

After returning to practice I have chosen to keep my affiliation with CBS as an external lecturer in addition to my primary work, because I find it both personally enjoyable and professionally beneficial to teach as well as to supervise student projects.

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision
  • Supervision on many different programs. Primarily HA Pro and CM (com)
  • Master’s thesis and Bachelor projects
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