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Rune Møller
Assistant professor

Room: DH.Ø.2.34
Rune Moller Stahl

Rune Møller Stahl is Assistant Professor in Political Economy at Copenhagen Business School.

His research is situated in the field of international political economy with a special focus on the history of economic ideas. His research agenda is centered on the way economic ideas gain influence in the wider policy world, and how relations of power, networks and social forces are shaping the way we conceive the economy. He is currently working on the historical roots of economic inequality and the relationship between democracy, capitalism and liberal governance.

Primary research areas
  • International Political Economy
  • History of Economic Thought
  • Capitalism and Democracy
  • Economic Inequality
  • European Political Economy
Social media
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  • Political Economy of Markets
  • Globalization: practices, perspectives and ideologies
Selected publications

"Ruling the interregnum: Politics and ideology in nonhegemonic times." Politics & Society 47.3 (2019): 333-360.

"Economic liberalism and the state: dismantling the myth of naïve laissez-faire." New political economy 24.4 (2019): 473-486.

"From depoliticisation to dedemocratisation: revisiting the neoliberal turn in macroeconomics." New political economy 26.3 (2021): 406-421.

"Neoliberalism with Scandinavian characteristics: The slow formation of neoliberal common sense in Denmark." Capital & Class (2019).

"The economics of starvation: Laissez-faire ideology and famine in colonial India." Intellectual history of economic normativities. Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2016. 169-184.

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Johan Ekman; Rune Møller Stahl; Magnus Ryner / Bulwarks of Inter-state Neoliberalism? : The Social Democratic Nordics and the EU Recovery Fund.
Paper presented at SASE 34th Annual Conference 2022, 2022
Paper > peer review
Rune Møller Stahl; Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen / Defending Democracy : Militant and Popular Models of Democratic Self-defense.
In: Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory, Vol. 29, No. 3, 9.2022, p. 310-328
Journal article > peer review
Rune Møller Stahl; Ben Rosamond / Introduction: Democracy or Dominance? : European Economic Governance in Historical Perspective.
In: Comparative European Politics, Vol. 20, No. 6, 2022, 4 p., p. 627–630
Rune Møller Stahl / Introduktion til Piketty : Ulighed, retfærdighed, demokrati.
København : Hans Reitzels Forlag 2022, 158 p.
Book > peer review
Rune Møller Stahl / Neoliberalism with Scandinavian Characteristics : The Slow Formation of Neoliberal Common Sense in Denmark.
In: Capital and Class, Vol. 46, No. 1, 3.2022, p. 95-114
Journal article > peer review
Rune Møller Stahl; Ben Rosamond / Non-majoritarian Institutions : Two Strands of Liberalism in European Economic Governance.
In: Comparative European Politics, Vol. 20, No. 6, 12.2022, p. 709-730
Journal article > peer review
Rune Møller Stahl / Politics and the Order of Society
In: The Oxford Handbook of Ordoliberalism. ed. /Thomas Biebricher; Werner Bonefeld; Peter Nedergaard. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2022, p. 361-373
Book chapter > peer review
Rune Møller Stahl / Adam Tooze, Crashed: How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World
In: Competition & Change, Vol. 25, No. 3-4, 7.2021, p. 501-503
Book review
Rune Møller Stahl / From Depoliticisation to Dedemocratisation : Revisiting the Neoliberal Turn in Macroeconomics.
In: New Political Economy, Vol. 26, No. 3, 2021, p. 406-421
Journal article > peer review
Rune Møller Stahl; Andreas Møller Mulvad / Socialism Isn’t Just About State Ownership — It’s About Redistributing Power
In: Jacobin Magazine, 13.10.2021
Journal article > peer review
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