Department of Management, Society and Communication

External lecturer


I have been teaching British and American studies for over 20 years at CBS. I call mysef a generalist, for my academic background has its roots in the very multidisciplinary nature of the Open University (UK), where I enrolled as one of its very first students back in 1972. I studied my degree whilst working fulltime for IBM to become a mainframe computer engineer. Although my degree from the Open University mainly embraced psychology and economics, the courses that I studied in the final years were more and more focussed upon economic and societal topics, with course titles including the following: Political Economy and Taxation; Financial Institutions and Monetary Policy; Business Economics; Industrial Relations; Systems Modelling.

I had a complete change of career after 1994, leaving the mainframe computer business for teaching. As a freelancer, I have taught English as a Foreign Language to many executives and managers in both the public and private sectors here in Denmark.

I have also taught Academic English, and Contemporary British Society at Copenhagen University. I find that having a multidisciplinary background equips me very well to teach the first-year students on the BLC program, for many of the societal challenges we face today require some knowledge of a vast range of disciplines and approaches.

  • British and American Studies (I teach the seminar sessions)
  • 1st year project (BLC)