Department of Management, Society and Communication

External lecturer

Presentation and academic fields

I am a generalist. My academic fields are centered around political economy and comparative societal analysis, often with a focus on contemporary Britain and America, but also in contrast to Europe in general and Denmark, Germany and France in particular.

Professional and/or academic experience

I have taught at CBS for over 25 years on the BLC Bachelor Program (Business, Language and Culture, formerly SPRØK), mainly on 1st year British and American Studies.
I have also taught at Copenhagen University in Contemporary British History, as well as Academic English.
In a freelance capacity, I have extensive experience (30 years) of teaching English as a Foreign Language to high level professionals and management in both the Danish public and private sectors

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

I have supervised First-year Projects and Bachelor Projects over 25 years, though mainly First-year Projects.
My student groups typically achieve high grades (10s and 12s). I immerse myself in the students' research topics, and strive to motivate and guide them to produce a final product of which they will be proud. Being a generalist, the subject areas can be broad: that suits me because I am curious about new developments in society, technology, economics and business. For me, it's not just a job but a hobby!